Ohio Collaborative

Due to a series of events in Ohio and elsewhere in the nation, the fractured relationship existing between some local communities and the police dedicated to serving them has been highlighted. In an effort to resolve this conflict, in December, 2014, Governor John R Kasich signed Executive Order 2014-06K creating the Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations. Since its creation, the Task Force developed recommendations on how to improve relationships between law enforcement and their respective communities.

On April 30, 2015, Governor Kasich signed Executive Order 2015-04K establishing the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board. The purpose of the Collaborative is to advise and work with the Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS) in the Ohio Department of Public Safety to implement the Task Force’s recommendations.

In addition, the Collaborative and OCJS developed statewide minimum standards in several areas, including but not limited to use of force, and the recruiting, hiring and screening of potential law enforcement officer candidates. Model departmental policies and best practices recommendations have also been created. Mahoning County Sheriff, Jerry Greene, along with other law enforcement agencies received these minimum standards, model departmental policies and best practices. Sheriff Greene, recognizing the importance of good community-police relations, recently adopted and implemented these new standards and practices. 
Since implementation, the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office is happy to announce that they have met and/or exceeded these standards and practices.

9January 1, 2017- December 31, 2019 STATS

Total Traffic Stops: 3983 
Total Citations: 1,424
Total Warnings: 2,559 

White Males Total: 2,048 
Citations: 765
Warnings: 1283 

White Females Total: 1,402 
Citations: 431 
Warnings: 971 

Black Males Total: 251 
Citations: 120 
Warnings: 131 

Black Females Total: 234 
Citations: 100 
Warnings: 134 

Hispanic Males Total: 8
Citations: 2 
Warnings: 6 

Hispanic Females Total: 8
Citations: 6
Warnings: 2 

Unknown/ Other Totals: 32 
Citations: 0
Warnings: 32