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Domestic Violence
The Domestic Relations Court gives high priority to allegations of Domestic Violence which the Court recognizes is one of the most difficult social problems of our time.

Family Services

Going through a divorce can often be very stressful, particularly for children. To make the process more family friendly, and to provide maximum protection for children, the Court has created a Family Services Department staffed by a Mental Health Professional who is also a Certified Mediator, a Domestic Violence Specialist, and a Secretary.

For most people, the prospect of going to court is unpleasant, perhaps even frightening. Family court hearings, especially with emotionally-charged issues such as custody, child support, and visitation, can be a miserable experience. Experts seeking ways to eliminate the adversarial "win/lose" atmosphere of traditional court proceedings have long advocated the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation to help parties settle their differences.

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