Probation Services

Office Phone: 330-740-2196

Fax: 330-792-3362

The Community Control Department or more commonly known as Probation Department provides a variety of services to the Judges of the Mahoning County Courts and the community. The Court places offenders deemed appropriate on reporting or non-reporting probation for a specific period of time. During this time the offenders are expected to abide by the conditions of their probation, which varies from person to person. If a person fails to abide by these conditions, a probation violation will be issued and a necessary probation violation hearing will be held.

The following is a list of available agencies and programs utilized by the court.

Meridian HealthCare
Neil  Kennedy Recovery  
Center Turning Point
On Demand Recovery 
Valor Recovery Centers
Travco Behavioral Health
Quest Recovery & Prevention Services (Alliance and Canton)
Family Recovery Center (Lisbon)
Diversion Program  330-501-0067
TASC  330-743-2192
Community Corrections Association (CCCA) Step Ahead
Life Safer - 1-888-252-4045
Victim Awareness Program 330-726-3523
Stoplift Program 330-743-5149 ext. 101
Forensic Psychiatric Center of Northeast  Ohio 330-792-1918
Goshen Township Police Department (Community Service Program)
Mahoning County Sheriff s Department (Community Service Program)