About the Office

Mahoning County Building Inspection is responsible for the following: examination of construction plans for new buildings and alterations in existing structures within the unincorporated areas of Mahoning County, and the incorporated areas Campbell City, Canfield City, Craig Beach Village, Lowellville Village, New Middletown Village, Poland Village, Struthers City and Youngstown City. This work, performed under administrative direction, is to ensure compliance with the Ohio Administrative and Revised Codes.

Mission Statement

It is the object of the Mahoning County Building Inspection department to place the public’s welfare above all other interest and recognize that the chief function of government is to serve the best interest of all the people. The protection of life, health and property is a solemn responsibility of the highest order.

We will demonstrate integrity, honesty and fairness in all transactions and constantly strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct. Maintain professional competence in all areas of employment responsibility and encourage the same in associates at all levels.

Recognize the continuing need for developing improved safety standards for the protection of life, health and property, and acknowledge a professional obligation to contribute time and expertise in the development of such improvements. Public safety for all current and future occupants of Mahoning County is our priority.

What We Do

We are a State certified building department and perform over 8,000 commercial and residential inspections each year. All inspections are performed by our State certified inspectors.

This department is the governing agency on building construction and use. We have protected county residents since 1957, by providing a vital service to the owners and occupants of Mahoning County. We inspect all new, remodeled and existing buildings and ensure they are constructed and used in accordance with the State of Ohio mandated codes. The current building codes for commercial and residential construction are: 2017 Ohio Building Code and 2013 Residential Code of Ohio. 

Revenue Source

The Building Inspection Department is fully funded by permit and inspection fees, architect reviews fees and administrative fees.

Building Codes & Regulations

The Building Official is charged with enforcing the Ohio Building Code for commercial structures larger than 3-family dwellings and the Residential Code of Ohio for residential 1, 2, and 3 family dwellings and their accessory structures. The Board of Mahoning County Commissioners has adopted the additional regulations under authority granted by the Ohio Revised Code, known as the "Mahoning County Building Regulations." These regulations cannot conflict with either building code and are intended to provide our customers with clear expectations when utilizing our services.

It is this department's mission to maximize the quality and quantity of services provided to the public in return for fees levied upon it for the "license to build" other wise known as the "Building Permit"  to construct, repair, and alter any building. There are 0 tax revenues used in our yearly budget and every effort is made to keep fees as low as possible.


We permit and inspect all new, remodeled and existing buildings to ensure they are constructed and used in accordance with the State of Ohio mandated codes. We inspect; footings prior to placing concrete, foundations at top of block, framing inspection after all mechanicals have been installed; i.e. electrical, HVAC, plumbing and fire suppression, a final inspection is also completed before a structure can be occupied for use. Other required inspections must also be performed depending on the type of project. Once a project receives all of the required final inspections, a Certificate of Occupancy/ Use is issued for both commercial and residential projects, thus completing the permitting process. This document is intended to identify the approved use of the structure and is to be kept available onsite for the local fire jurisdiction's annual inspections.

Who Benefits

Everyone who lives and visits our valley benefits from our services.  Building permits provide a means for the Code Official to protect the public from unsafe and unsanitary conditions resulting from substandard construction. Not only does this maintain the value of your home, but also others within our community. Building codes contain minimum standards of construction, which have been developed over many years and cover all aspects of construction. Each requirement exists to prevent unsafe, unsanitary or deteriorating conditions in both residential and commercial buildings. We provide professional, consistent and informational services to any individual in the county who seeks to extend their knowledge of Ohio's Building codes.