Filing Fees

General Statement

The following is a schedule of the costs and fees collected by the Probate Court at the commencement of the various cases and proceedings listed. However, each case or proceeding may incur additional costs and charges during the course of administration. Most full estate administrations do not incur more than $200 in court costs.

Method of Payment

All costs and deposits for costs paid over to the Court must be by cash, money order or similar guaranteed payment. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Purposes & Uses

The court costs assessed and collected during the course of a probate administration are provided for and, in many instances, required by the law of Ohio. Most of the costs collected are not for the use of the Probate Court, but the Court is required to collect such costs for distribution to other offices and agencies of the State of Ohio and Mahoning County. However, the Probate Court does collect and retain certain costs for its indigent guardianship fund, its computerization enhancement fund and its conduct of court business fund.

In addition, the Probate Court collects and pays over monies to the General Fund of Mahoning County, a Marriage License Special Fund for the Battered Persons Center, the Ohio Putative Father Registry and the State of Ohio Legal Aid Society Fund. Depending upon the use of services necessary in each case, the Court may also have to collect and pay over fees to the Sheriff of Mahoning County and/or other Counties, private process servers, publication costs, court reporters, appraisers and others.


Initial Deposit

Petition for Adoption


Petition for Release of Identifying Information


Placement for Adoption


Refinalization of Foreign Adoption


Registration of Foreign Birth Record


Miscellaneous Filings

Initial Deposit

Civil Actions: Including Land Sales, Declaratory Judgments, Complaints to Produce Wills, and for Determination of Heirs, Will Contests, Concealments, Application to Approve Transfer of Structured Settlement Payments, Etc.


Petition for Disinterment


Disposal of Minor's Estate under $25,000 (Without Guardianship)


Minor's Settlement Without Guardianship


Application to Inventory Safe Deposit Box


Birth, Registration of


Birth, Correction of


Marriage License


Name Change
   Minor with consent of both parents
   Minor without consent of both parents

Name Conformity $105

Decedent's Estates

Initial Deposit

Administration, Full (With or Without Will) 


Ancillary Administration (with or without Will)


Relief from Administration, (with or without Will)


Summary Release from Administration With Will


Summary Release from Administration Without Will


Short Form Release from Administration


Will for Record Only, With Tax Form(s)


Will for Record Only, Without Tax Form(s)


Will For Deposit Only


Will Tax Forms Only


Guardianships / Conservatorships

Initial Deposit

For Original Appointment: Estate Only


For Original Appointment: Person Only


For Original Appointment: Person and Estate


For Successor Appointment: Estate Only


For Successor Appointment: Person Only


For Successor Appointment: Person and Estate


* Plus mileage fee at current rate


Initial Deposit

Deposit for Witness Fee (Per Person)


Issuing Costs (Per Subpoena)


Out of County Service Fee



Initial Deposit

Application for (Original) Appointment of Trustee


Application for (Successor) Appointment of Trustee


*The Court will not authenticate, certify or exemplify copies of cassette recordings.

Records Requests

Initial Deposit

Authenticated, per authentication (plus per page changes for plain copies)


Certified, per page [O.R.C. 2101.16(A)(12)] (plus per page changes for plain copies)


Exemplified, per exemplification (plus per page changes for certified copies)


Plain Copies: 1 sided page


Plain Copies: 2 sided page



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