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The Mahoning County Law Library will be conducted as statutorily directed in a fair, honest and courteous manner while avoiding debt and extravagance. We will assist our customers in their effort to use the legal system effectively, maintain a practice-oriented collection of legal material, continually improve our services, develop facilities and spaces within the law library that enables study and collaboration, and provide professional staff that demonstrate excellent communication skills and use technology to improve workflow and enhance the flow of legal information.


While the Mahoning County Law Library is open to everyone, Membership is only open to all those who have passed the Ohio State Bar Examination and have a residence/office or significant practice in Mahoning County. Membership is granted either by statute (elected officials, judges, court personnel etc.) or by payment of annual dues. Members are entitled to the full services of the library, including use of the WestlawNext research site on 4 terminals, use of the Internet at all six terminals in the library and the right to check out books, CDs, and other materials.  Non-members are restricted to in-library use of materials. Please  contact us  for further information if you are interested in becoming a member.

Resource Board

 Atty. Diane L. Chermely, Chairman
 Atty. Jay Blackstone
 Atty. Joseph D. Kondela
 Atty. Thomas J. Lipka
Atty. George P. Millich, Jr.


This site is not meant to provide legal advice or expert legal assistance. It's only purpose is to provide the user with information about the Law Library of Mahoning County and to provide a "launching pad" to links for legal resources on the Internet.  

The library staff does not provide legal advice and will not answer any legal questions directed to the staff. Doing so constitutes the unauthorized practice of law and is illegal according to Ohio Revised Code Section ┬ž4705. Any e-mail inquiries requesting a legal opinion will not receive a response. 

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WARNING: The public and any member making copies within the library should be aware of the following copyright notice: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. The person using the copying equipment is liable for any infringement.