1. Common Pleas Court

    Learn the rules of the courts as well as who the judges are in each courtroom.

  2. Domestic Relations Court

    Under O.R.C. 3105, the Domestic Relations Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction to hear and grant divorces, legal separations, annulments and dissolution of marriage, and to grant broad equitable relief arising out of such actions in the form of spousal support and divisions of property.

  3. Juvenile Justice Court

    The Mahoning County Juvenile Court is dedicated to providing individualized justice for our children and to protecting the community, carefully balancing the interests of both.

  4. Mahoning County Courts

    Find out where the courts within the county have jurisdiction over, how to get into contact with them and who the judge is of each court.

  5. Probate Court

    Find out what kind of cases the Probate Court handles.

  6. 7th District Court of Appeals

    Visit the website of the 7th District Court of Appeals.

  7. Law Library

    These pages provides information regarding reference materials, articles, treatises, and other law related materials.